Monday, 23 August 2010


Just recieved an e mail from the editor of Ponoko to say I'd been included in this blog of 100 laser cut jewellery designers. Chuffed!

Friday, 20 August 2010

clap your hands now people clap now!

I'm gonna start work on a collaboration with A W E S O M E illustrator artist lady
Tasha Whittle

She's a very talented lady, full of cool ideas that we could translate into jewellery designs. She painted our amazing stag back wall in our shop too, see piccies above.

So our starting point is hands... I was a little non plussed at first but jeez, Tasha has opened a box in my head and now I can't stop thinking about it...

Tash was thinkng about shadow puppet hands, I was more gang signs and sign language hands.

It's gonna be a visual treat let me tell you...


Saturday, 14 August 2010

M.I.A the coolest woman in the world

Just because I missed her at The Big Chill... and ended up seeing Lilly Allen instead, not a good swap on any level...

Techno Tribal


Bryony Lloyd Illustration and Design

wow, this is perfect.